When German immigrants of the 19th century, settled in the Rio Grande Valley they found ground that was fertile for both crops and culture. Their beautiful button accordions would seed a new Conjunto, (combination) music along Mexico’s northern border. Through melodic and nimble playing, Narciso Martinez a son of migrant farm workers would become the of “Father of Conjunto.” This segment includes interviews with accordion legends Flaco Jimenez and Juan Tejeda; and music by Narciso Martinez, Santiago Jimenez Sr., and Pearly Sowell.
Segment production: Lex Gillespie

Photo Gallery

Bajo Sexto player Sammy Aguilar, who played with seminal conjunto accordion player Narciso

New Braunfels, Texas native Pearly Sowell, a German-American accordion player in the
"Oma and the Oompahs" polka band.

Button accordion player Juan Tejeda, founder of the conjunto music program at Palo Alto College in
San Antonio, Texas.

Conjunto club in San Antonio, TX.

The interior of KEDA-AM, San Antonio's all-conjunto radio station.

The entryway of KEDA-AM, San Antonio's all-conjunto radio station.

Chris Rybak, AKA "The Accordion Cowboy," an accordion player from
Halletsville, TX who plays German and Czech music

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