The following recordings are essential milestones in the development of American rural music. We recommend as an online source for books and as an online CD store.



The Carter Family - Longing For Old Virginia, The Complete Victor Recordings. 1934. (Rounder 1701)

Leslie Riddle -Step By Step, (Rounder 0299)

Hobart Smith - Blue Ridge Legacy, The Alan Lomax Collection; Portrait Series. (Rounder 1799)

The Louvin Brothers -Songs That Tell A Story, Live radio transcriptions from 1952. (Rounder 1030)

Alabama Sacred Harp Singers -"Sacred Harp Singing", Alan Lomax Collection;

The 1942 Sacred Harp Singers Convention. (Rounder 1503)

Jimmie Rodgers. A Legendary Performer (RCA 2504)

Kitty Wells The Legendary Kitty Wells (MCA mcac 20771)

The Maddox Brothers and Rose on the Air (Arhoolie 447)

From Where I Stand: The Black Experience in Country Music (Warner Brothers 1998)

Before the Blues: The Early American Black Music Scene 1996. 3 volumes Yazoo 2015-17.

Country Boogie. 1939-1947. 1998. Fremeaux & Associates: FA 160

Emmett Miller: The Minstrel Man from Georgia. 1996 reissue of 1920s recordings. Columbia {Legacy): Roots 'n Blues~ CK 66999.

Jimmie RodgersThe Blues. 1927-1933. 1996. Fremeaux & Associates: FA 254

Doc Watson and Clarence Ashley: The Original Folkway Recordings 1960-1962. 1994. Smithsonian Folkways Recordings: CD SF 40029730

Hank Williams. The Original Singles Collection. 1990. Poludor: 847 195-7-2

Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys. Anthology. 1935-1973. 2 vols. Rhino A2 22327 A 223228-9

Harry Choates. The Fiddle King of Cajun Swing. 1993- Arhoolie: CD 380.

Delmore Brothers.Brown's Ferry Blues. 1995. Country Records. CCS.CD-116.

Adolph Hofner and the Pearl Wranglers 1998. Sarg Records: Sard CD 101 .

Honky Tonk Blues. ND. Music Heritage MH602.

Roots of Country: The Story of Country Music. 4 vols. 1996. Friedman/Fairfax.

Roots of of Rock 'n Roll. 4 vols. 1999. Fremeaux & Associates FA 35I-54.

Smile and Jive: Kings of Western Swing. 1997. 2 vol. Charity: CDGR 182.2.

White Country Blues, 1926-1938: A Lighter Shade of Blue. 1993. Columbia (Legacy): Roots 'n Blues CK 47921

The Bristol Sessions, 1926



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